Video – 14 Awesome Examples – Flash Fill option – Microsoft Excel

In Excel Flash Fill option is use to recognize the pattern of initial data entry and then does rest of the task by its own. It can solve the purpose of CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT, MID, Reversing Data, Extracting, Serving the purpose of TEXT Functions and many more.

To perform this function we can use CTRL + E and you get the result in next fraction of seconds.

Flash Fill is the amazing feature of Microsoft Excel that introduced in 2013 version and have been one of the following feature of 2013 launch till date.

Examples – Flash Fill Option

Ex01. @01:08 : Extract First Name and Last Name

Ex02. @02:18 : Extract Initial Letter of First Name & Last Name @02:51 : Changes are not recognize by its own like a formula

Ex03. @03:14 : Extract Initials in a column

Ex04. @03:36 : Get First 2 Characters of First & Last Name @03:55 : Feature may return incorrect result when Flash Fill does not recognize the pattern correctly.

Ex05. @04:39 : Get First Name and Initial of Last Name

Ex06. @05:07 : Flip (Reverse) First Name and Last Name

Ex07. @05:30 : Merge First Name and Last Name Together

Ex08. @05:55 : Merge Last Name Separating by Comma and Space with First Name (Include any special character or punctuation in text)

Ex09. @06:19 : Extract 5 character code from middle of the code

Ex10. @06:47 : Change Incorrect Entries of Date into Correct Date Format

Ex11. @08:17 : Extract Date Components (e.g. Year, Month or Day only)

Ex12. @08:53 : Convert Date into plain number format

Ex13. @09:34 : Format Phone Numbers into any country’s phone number format

Ex14. @10:19 : Extract Only User Name from Email ID

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