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I am Anil Dhawan,

I am passionate about sharing my Excel knowledge, by profession I am Microsoft Excel Trainer from last 6 Years. With the different ways I  share my Excel knowledge around the world. In this website I share daily Excel tips & tricks via blogging, Videos, practice materials etc. I have also been working as Business Analyst with 11 years of experience, so I love to share all my experience that I earned in my corporate carrier.

Best Tips on Online Excel Tip

Loan Amortization

A Loan Amortization Schedule which is also known as mortgage or loan schedule, is a list of payments that shows each loan repayment and a breakdown of     Read More..

Excel Shortcuts

There are hundreds of keyboard shortcut in Microsoft Excel which are important and can save lots of time however, few of them are very important. Also, knowing all  Read More..

FIND Function

The Excel FIND function returns the position of a character or sub-string within a supplied text string. Function returns output only in number form as the starting position Read More..


The Excel CONCATENATE function is a part of TEXT family and used for merging two or more text string into one string.                               Read More..